Smoky Mountains Visitors Guide


The Smoky Mointains Vistors Guide

- Mammals -

Red Fox
(Vulpes vulpes)

RANGE: Throughout U.S. and Canada.

STATUS: Not a protected species

HABITAT: Highest numbers occur in areas with croplands, or meadows mixed with deciduous or coniferous parcels of land, which supply hiding cover. The red fox is found from sea level up to subalpine environments.

SPECIAL HABITAT REQUIREMENTS: The population size of the red fox seems to be in close correlation with the vole, vole habitat would be important as an indirect habitat requirement for the red fox in terms of a food source, sloping hillsides with porous soil for denning are important as well.

BREEDING: Litter of 4-9 born March-April.

FOOD: Hunts by stalking it's prey; voles, rabbits, various small mammals, insects, berries and other fruits, are most often consumed.

REFERENCES: Burt 1952 Cstui et al

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